Welcome on my professionnal site. My name is Maxime Garcia and I hold a PhD in Bioinformatics from Aix-Marseille University. I am working for BarnTumörBanken and sitting at both Karolinska Institutet / Instutitionen För Onkologi-Patologi and at Science for Life Laboratory / NGI Stockholm (Genomics Applications). I did a post-doc as a Research Associate at National University of Singapore, Cancer Science Institute of Singapore. I worked during my thesis on biomarkers discovery on breast cancer using high-throughput gene expression and protein-protein interactions data (financed by an Inserm/PACA fellowship) at the Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille (CRCM) in the CRCM’s Integrative Bioinformatics Platform. Involved in young researchers associations, I’m also interested in reproducible research, and other stuff you can find in my shared links. Here is a more detailled resume, and a list of my publications.

Why Ithake?
My middle name being Ulysse, the name of the website recalls the home island of Ulysses or Odysseus: Ithaca or Ithaka (Ithaque in french).

Why an owl?
The owl is the symbol of Athena or Minerva. Athena who protected Ulysses during his journey. This owl is made from an idea I had, magnified and drawn by Célia. Then later vectorized via Inkscape by my own hands.